EXFO FTB-2-88100NGE-10G-S, FTB-2 with 10M-to-100G Multi-Service Power Blazer Test Module

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EXFO’s FTB-88100NGE-10G-S (10M to 100G) Power Blazer test module is specifically designed to address high-speed field deployments, but also to meet all of today’s multiservice testing challenges. In addition, it offers the scalability needed to address future testing requirements. The FTB-88100NGE-10G-S module housed in EXFO’s FTB-2 Pro platform consists of the most compact 10M to 100G field testing solution on the market, and supports a wide array of technologies depending on options, including legacy TDM and new packet-based services. Covering 10M-to-100G Ethernet, OTU1 to OTU4 (including standard and overclocked rates) and OC-1/STM-0 to OC-768/STM-256.

Key features of the FTB-88100NGE-10G-S:

  • Comprehensive and fully integrated test solution covering OTN, Ethernet and SONET/SDH technologies
  • Cost-effective, scalable and future-proof module with 10M-to-100G flexible offering, as well as CFP and CFP2 transceiver coverage—no hardware upgrade, no return to factory required
  • Unprecedented testing simplicity requiring minimum training for new users and maintaining a consistent experience from the lab to the ?eld
  • Packet synchronization turn-up and troubleshooting (SyncE/1588 PTP)
  • True wire-speed, stateful TCP throughput based on RFC 6349 for undisputable SLA enforcement of Ethernet services
  • 10G dual-port Ethernet capabilities for simultaneous traffic generation and analysis at 100 % wire speed at any packet size
  • iSAM ultra-simple ITU-T Y.1564 and RFC 6349 service activation methodology
  • Efficiently assesses Fiber Channel (FC) networks with best-in-class coverage via 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x and 10x interfaces
  • FTB Ecosystem and EXFO Connect-compatible with software upgrade manager, as well as automated cloud-based asset and test-data management capabilities



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004   Mainframe – Side mounted connectors
106   52-2488 Mb/s Test (1310/1550nm)
108   10 Gb/s optics 1550nm
112   Add G.709 OTU2 testing at 10.71Gb/s
610   SC optical connectors (exchangeable)


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