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Compatible with any of EXFO’s industry-renowned OTDR modules—which offer the shortest dead zones available—the FTB-3930 MultiTest Module (OLTS), the FTB-8105/8115/8120/8130 Transport Blazer Next-Gen SONET/SDH Test Modules, as well as the FTB-8510/8510B and FTB-8510G Packet Blazer Ethernet Test Modules New software functionalities for simpler, faster OTDR testing Designed for the field: lightweight and compact; resistant to shock, water, dust and common chemicals; door panels for extra port protection Battery-powered solution for SONET/SDH, Ethernet, loss and OTDR testing


  • Houses any of EXFO’s renowned OTDR configurations
    • Tests up to four wavelengths
    • Industry’s fastest acquisition times
    • Multimode and singlemode testing
    • Shortest dead zones in the industry
  • Touchscreen and shortkey functionality
  • Improved productivity
    • Four-second power-up time
    • Faster acquisition, processing and reporting
  • Fiber inspection probe
  • Optical power meter and VFL
  • Macrobend finder
  • Linear trace view
  • Lightweight:- 3 kg/6.4 lb
  • Fast and powerful:- Four-second power-up time with Windows CE/mobile
  • Faster acquisition, processing and reporting
    • Instantaneous AutoSync USB data transfer
    • Faster acquisitions—down to five seconds
    • Remote control and virtual applications
  • Flexible connectivity
    • File transfer and software upgrading through USB
    • USB A/A-B, RJ-45 and Bluetooth flexibility
    • Compact Flash (memory, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth)
  • Built for the outside plant
    • Waterproof outer shell, sealed joints, door panels for extra port protection
    • Advanced TFT transflective display, for great visibility under direct sunlight
    • Rugged shortkeys and tracking knob
    • GR-196-CORE-compliant
    • Extended battery autonomy of more than eight hours
  • Applications:- LAN/WAN to long-haul OTDR testing



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