EXFO FTB-200V2 2-Slot Mainframe

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The EXFO FTB-200V2 is a compact, handheld optical, Ethernet and multiservice testing device. The FTB-200V2 comes equipped with a 2-Slot Mainframe with color display, external connectivity through a floppy drive, and 80MB of built in memory. The EXFO OTDR FTB-200V2 also accommodates two field-interchangeable modules ranging from OTDRs and loss testers to SONET/SDH and Ethernet analyzers. With this device, you can get up to 1600 internal OTDR trace storage capacity. The FTB-200V2 also features USB and RJ-45 interfaces. Portability of the EXFO FTB-200V2 is enhanced thanks to the fact that it is AC and battery-powered.




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