EXFO FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer Module

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Housed in the rugged FTB-400 chassis, the EXFO FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer Module features a market-leading PMD measurement time of less than five seconds–for any PMD value. The FTB-5500B’s unique technology allows for both the auto-correlation and cross-correlation to be known. Therefore, any spectral shape of source can be used. The auto-correlation peak is thus removed, and higher accuracy and resolution are obtained. PMD of 0 ps can be measured. In addition, a signal transmitted through EDFAs can be analyzed for total link PMD. Particularly important in multichannel transmission, second-order PMD is derived from the measured PMD value. EXFO’s software provides second-order PMD delay and coefficient values for telecom fibers. These values allow you to characterize fibers and cables more precisely than simple PMD and better control the transmission quality of high-speed systems.




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