EXFO FTB-7200D-12CD, MM OTDR Module, 850/1300 nm, 27/26 dB (50/125 & 62.5/125 um)

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An optical time-domain reflectometer is an integral part of any test equipment portfolio that is applied to the communications industry. The Exfo FTB-7200D-12CD is an example of just such a device. The OTDR from FTB 7200D Exfo is a highly capable product that comes with a variety of top of the line features.

The FTB-7200D-12CD’s features includes:

  • Dynamic range of up to 36 dB
  • Event dead zone as low as 1 meter
  • Combined single mode/multimode wavelengths (12CD-23B model)
  • Integrated tool: combines a visual fault locator, inspection probe, broadband power meter and a CW source mode
  • EF-Ready: use with external launch mode conditioner for EF-compliant, multimode results
  • Exfo Connect-compatible: automated asset management; data goes through the cloud and into a dynamic database

Other modules available upon request.



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004   Mainframe – Side mounted connectors
106   52-2488 Mb/s Test (1310/1550nm)
108   10 Gb/s optics 1550nm
112   Add G.709 OTU2 testing at 10.71Gb/s
610   SC optical connectors (exchangeable)


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