Keysight B1506A, Power Device Analyzer (Curve Tracer) for Circuit Design

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The Keysight (formerly Agilent) B1506A Power Device Analyzer for Circuit Design is a complete solution that can help power electronic circuit designers maximize the value of their power electronics products by enabling them to select the correct power devices for their applications. It can evaluate all relevant device parameters under a wide range of operating conditions, including IV parameters such as breakdown voltage and on-resistance, as well as three terminal FET capacitances, gate charge and power loss.

The Keysight B1506A has a wide range of capabilities that help it identify substandard devices under actual circuit operating conditions, including a wide voltage and current range (3 kV and 1500 A), a wide temperature measurement range (-50 deg C to 250 deg C), fast pulsing capability, and Sub-nA level current measurement resolution. Its unique software interface presents the user with a familiar device data sheet format that makes it easy to characterize devices without going through any formal training. Integrated switching circuitry within the test fixture supports fully automated testing, with the ability to automatically change between both high voltage and high current testing as well as between IV and CV measurements.

In addition, a unique plug-in style device test fixture socket adapter eliminates cable connection and other human-related errors. The B1506A also supports the complete automation of thermal characterization. This can be accomplished either through the integrated Thermostream control or via the Thermal Plate. Since the DUT is in close proximity to the B1506A’s measurement resources, the large parasitics caused by cable extensions leading to a temperature chamber do not exist.


Keysight (Agilent)

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004   Mainframe – Side mounted connectors
106   52-2488 Mb/s Test (1310/1550nm)
108   10 Gb/s optics 1550nm
112   Add G.709 OTU2 testing at 10.71Gb/s
610   SC optical connectors (exchangeable)


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