Keysight N5242A-200, 2-port, 26.5 GHz PNA-X Network Analyzer, 3.5 mm

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The Keysight N5242A-200 is part of the brand’s PNA Series and builds on Keysight (formerly Agilent)’s 40-year legacy of excellence to deliver new standards in speed, accuracy, and versatility for microwave network analysis. The PNA’s architecture includes high quality, stable hardware and flexible software. The standard PNA is suitable for testing passive and active devices such as filters and amplifiers. Users can easily add options to test mixers, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD), pulsed-RF, antennas and millimeter-wave (mmwave) components.

Key features of the Keysight (formerly Agilent) N5242A-200:

  • High dynamic range: 127 dB at 20 GHz at test port
  • Low trace noise: 0.002 dB rms at 1 kHz bandwidth
  • Fast measurement speed: 4.5 to 26 isec/point
  • High stability: 0.05 dB/degrees Celsius
  • Modern calibration capabilities and wide-range of ECal modules
  • Advanced applications for mixer and pulse measurements Single-ended and balanced measurements – 32 measurement channels, unlimited traces, and 16,001 points per channel
  • Connectivity with Open Windows(R) XP, 6 USB connectors, LAN, and GPIB


Keysight (Agilent)

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004   Mainframe – Side mounted connectors
106   52-2488 Mb/s Test (1310/1550nm)
108   10 Gb/s optics 1550nm
112   Add G.709 OTU2 testing at 10.71Gb/s
610   SC optical connectors (exchangeable)


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