Tektronix BSX320 BERTScope

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Bit Error Rate Tester Pattern Generation and Error Analysis up to 32 Gb/s

 The BERTScope BSX-series Bit Error Rate Tester introduces a receiver test platform capable of supporting emerging Gen4 standards and beyond. With the addition of powerful data processing and internal Tx equalization, the BERTScope supports protocol-based handshaking and synchronization with your device under test (DUT), including interactive link training at data rates up to 32 Gb/s. The BSX-series shortens the time to debug physical layer and link training issues, and provides the quickest path to compliance for a broad range of standards.
Key performance specifications
  • Pattern Generation and Error Analysis up to 32 Gb/s
  • Optional built-in 4-tap Tx equalization with support for interactive link training
  • Protocol-oriented and bit-oriented multi-chain pattern sequencing with enhanced pattern/sequence editor
  • User-defined detector pattern matching with stimulus-response feedback
  • Patented Error Location Analysis™ goes beyond BER measurement to provide insight into the sources of errors through analysis of correlations and deterministic error patterns
  • Optional Forward Error Correction analysis provides for simulation of post-FEC error rate based upon measured error location patterns
  • Integrated Eye Diagram Analysis with BER Correlation including Mask Testing, Jitter Peak, BER Contour
  • Optional Jitter Map Comprehensive Jitter Decomposition – with Long Pattern (i.e. PRBS-31) Jitter
Key features
  • Provides a single solution for Receiver stress testing, debug and compliance
  • Test Gen3 and Gen4 standards including PCIe, SAS, and USB3.1 and proprietary standards
  • DUT handshaking capability above16 Gb/s supporting RX test requirements for loopback initiation and adaptive link training for key standards such as PCIe
  • Protocol-aware pattern generation and error detection supports flexible stimulus response programmability and debugging of handshaking issues.
  • Forward error correction (FEC) emulation option supports measurement of BER both before and after error correction for commonly used Reed-Solomon FEC codes.
  • Calibration and test automation software available for key standards
  • Design verification including signal integrity, jitter, and timing analysis
  • Design characterization for high-speed, sophisticated designs
  • Design/Verification of high-speed I/O components and systems including DUT handshaking
  • Signal integrity analysis – mask testing, jitter peak, BER contour, jitter map, and forward error correction emulation





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