Viavi Solutions Inc. ONT-506-100G Test Set

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This 100G test solution is specifically designed from the ground up to meet the needs of developers, manufacturers and installers of 100GE and OTU4 equipment. It offers full scalability to cover the current and future challenges of hardware, firmware and software development through manufacturing and installation and into the turn up

Application Types
Unframed or Raw BERT
This layer focuses on testing and validating the physical interface and photonic layer. Especially critical in the
transponder development & integration phase.
PCS (multi-lane) BERT
The PCS layer is key to allowing 100G traffic to be effectively carried over the physical layer. In depth applications
help validate and test all aspects of the PCS layer.




Additional information


–, Base Model
G0382A, Autofocus Video Inspection Probe
J1534A, Lc-Sc Plug-In Converter (For Sm, Sc(P)-Lc(J))
J1535A, Lc-Sc Plug-In Converter (For Mm, Sc(P)-Lc(J))
MT1000A-003, Connectivity For Wlan/Bluetooth
MU100011A, 100g Multirate Module
MU100011A-003, Up To 10g Dual Channel
MU100011A-013, Ethernet 40g Single Channel
MU100011A-015, Ethernet 100g Single Channel
MU100011A-017, Ethernet 25g Single Channel
MU100011A-020, Tcp Throughput
MU100011A-023, Rs-Fec For 100gbase-Sr4
MU100011A-071, Cpri/Obsai Up To 10g Single Channel
MU100021A, Otdr Module 1310/1550/850/1300nm Smf/Mmf
MU100021A-002, Visual Fault Locator
MU100021A-010, Upc Polish
MU100021A-021, Enhanced Dynamic Range
MU100021A-040, Sc Connector


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