Keysight M8020A-16G-2CHN High-Performance BERT

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The high-performance Keysight (formerly Agilent) J-BERT M8020A-16G-2CHN enables fast, accurate receiver characterization of single- and multi-lane devices running up to 16 or 32 Gb/s. With today’s highest level of integration, the Keysight M8020A-16G-2CHN streamlines your test setup. In addition, automated in-situ calibration of signal conditions ensures accurate and repeatable measurements. And, through interactive link training, it can behave like your DUT’s link partner. All in all, the Keysight M8020A-16G-2CHN will accelerate insight into your design.

Target applications of the Keysight (formerly Agilent) M8020A-16G-2CHN include:

R&D and test engineers who characterize, verify compliance of chips, devices, boards and systems with serial I/O ports up to 16 Gb/s and 32 Gb/s. The M8020A can be used to test popular serial bus standards, such as: PCI Express, USB, MIPI M-PHYTM, SATA/SAS, DisplayPort, SD UHS-II, Fiber Channel, QPI, HyperTransport, memory buses, backplanes, repeaters, active optical cables, Thunderbolt, 10 GbE, 100GbE (optical and electrical), SFP , CFP2/4 transceivers, CEI.



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