Anritsu MS9710C Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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The MS9710C provides excellent wavelength accuracy, waveform shape, and new features. This OSA is an improved version of the popular MS9710B and features improved wavelength accuracy, resolution bandwidth, and signal-to-noise averaging. This diffraction grating spectrum analyzer covers a wide wavelength range from 600 to 1750 nm. The MS9710C features high power level accuracy, wide dynamic range, and high reception sensitivity.


  • The MS9710C can measure wavelength, power level, and SNR for up to 300 DWDM channels. It can also be used for PMD and EDFA noise floor measurements
  • Tunable Laser Source Tracking. This internal function eliminates the need for an external controller to make measurements using an Anritsu TLS.
  • Internal Light Sources. Optional SLD, white light, and reference wavelength light sources can be installed in the MS9710C to simplify measurements. Calibration with the built-in reference source is a one-button operation.


  • Improved signal-to-noise measurement with left and right noise floor averaging
  • Tracking function with a tunable laser source
  • Built-in attenuator for high power optical input
  • Optional built-in light source and reference wavelength
  • VGA output connector





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