Anritsu MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set

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The Anritsu MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set Including Enhanced Data Rate offers all of the radio layer measurement capability of the MT8852A Bluetooth Test Set with Audio and adds 6 new Bluetooth EDR transmitter and receiver test cases. New EDR test cases supported include Relative Transmit Power, Carrier Frequency Stability/Modulation Accuracy, Differential Phase Encoding, Sensitivity, and BER Floor Performance. The MT8852B adds the new EDR measurements to existing scripts so users can make EDR tests with a single press of the RUN key. The MT8852B includes a p/4DQPSK and 8DPSK signal generator and modulation analyzer. The MT8852B supports all three codec air interfaces (u-law, A-law and CVSD) on up to three SCO audio channels. The Anritsu MT8852B offers the most comprehensive testing facilities of any Bluetooth wireless technology enabled test set. Rear-panel jack-plug connectors provide analog inputs and outputs for all three audio channels. The MT8852B is ideal for design proving and production test of Bluetooth wireless technology enabled headsets, telephony products, audio gateways and audio-visual products.





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