Precision Rated Optics – OFS-935C Core Alignment Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer (USED)

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Precision Rated Optics


The Precision Rated Optics – OFS-935C Core Alignment Fusion Splicer is the perfect splicer for ANY job. This splicer has it all, from the easy-to-use touch screen interface to the rock solid core alignment splicing — all at a price that is thousands less than other comparable brands.

With an innovative design and engineered with precise manufacturing technology, the OFS-935C gives users an unmatched experience. Splice with confidence no matter what harsh environmental condition you encounter. The OFS-935C offers SOC capability, providing superior performance with reduced insertion loss and back reflection. The OFS-935C is economical, durable and backed by Precision Rated Optics service and warranty in the United States. The OFS-935C is available in three configurations, and is a perfect addition to any PRO Go-Kit!


  • Rugged construction providing shock, dust and moisture resistance
  • Dual monitor position with automatic image orientation
  • Automatic arc calibration and fiber identification
  • Auto-start tube heater feature
  • Color LCD display with anti-reflective coating for excellent visibility in bright sunlight
  • Simultaneous battery charge and splicer operation
  • Long life battery
  • Data and video download software and splicer upgrade software included; software upgrades through PC application via the internet OFS-935C Rentals Include:

  • Adapter and Power Cord
  • Battery and Charge Cord
  • Fiber Optic Cleaver
  • Splice Sleeve Cooling Tray
  • USB Cable
  • Splicer Carrying Strap
  • First time Start-up Guide
  • Transit Case with Carrying Strap


Specifications of the OFS-935C Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
Splicing Method: Economical & High Performance Core Alignment Splicer
Average Loss: (SM)0.02dB, (MM)0.01dB, (DS)0.04dB, (NZDS)0.04dB, (G.657)0.02dB
Return Loss: >>60dB
Splice Time: 9s average SM / SM 7s Quick mode *See below for Quick Mode details.
Electrode Lifespan: >3,500 arcs
Applicable Fiber: SM(ITU-TU.625. MM(ITU-TU.651 }, DS(ITU-T G.653}. NZDS(ITU-T.655), G657A, G657B 0.25mm, 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, FLAT(Indoor cable)
Cleaved Length: Coating Diameter< 0 .25mm ~ 8-16mm, Coating Diameter> 0.25mm = 16mm minimum
Coating Diameter: 100~1,000 um
Cladding Diameter: 80~150um
Heating Programs: Factory installed mode: 9, User Installable mode: 23
Heating Time: Typical 18s
Protection Sleeve: 40mm, 60mm, SOC Connector
Data Output: HDMI
Splice Programs: Factory Installed Mode: 33, User Installable Mode: 70+-
Splice Memory: Up to 2,000 Records and 2,000 Splice Images
Battery: Typical 200 Cycles (Splice & Heat) / Single Battery/ 2 Batteries Standard
Power Supply: AC 100-240V Input or DC9-14V
Monitor: Color 4.3” LCD Monitor, with Touch Screen (Tempered Glass}
Cameras: 2 CCD Camera System
Magnification: XY style: 150 Power, X/Y: 300 Power
Fiber Display: X /Y or XY, Single X.Y
Size/Weight (WxDxH): 5.47″ x 4.84″ x 5.11″/ 3.06lb (139 x 123 x 130mm / 1.39Kg w/o Battery)
Operating Environment: Elevation: 0-5,000 Meters,Temp: -40 ~ 176°F (-40 ~ 80°C), 0-95% Relative Humidity
Wind Protection: The Max Wind Speed 15m/s
Storage Conditions: Temp: -40 ~ 176°F (-40 ~ 80°C), 0-95% Relative Humidity,
Battery: -4 ~ 86°F ( -20-30°C)
Pull Test: 1.96 ~ 2.25N (Standard)


Precision Rated Optics

Precision Rated Optics

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