Viavi Solutions Inc. JD785B CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer, Type N

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The Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) JD785B is a CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer that is used for testing mobile cell sites. It includes a spectrum analyzer, cable and antenna analyzer and a power meter, useful for performing a variety of applications. Key Features of the Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) JD785B include:

  • Spectrum Analysis up to 8GHz
  • Multiple functions in one platform
  • LTE-A Carrier Aggregation
  • LTE Automeasure
  • MIMO 4X4
  • PIM Detect
  • Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service Analysis
  • RF Measurements over CPRI
  • Dual Spectrogram View
  • Notification of RF problems before the customer knows they are there
  • Ensure signal quality to guarantee value added services
  • One-button standards-based measurements of wireless signals
  • Easy to upgrade and future-proof
  • Applications include:
    Capable of demodulation of all wireless technologies up to LTE
  • Easy to use Auto-Measure function presenting the RF and Modulation analysis in a summary screen
  • Fiber Inspection
  • Interference Analysis and PIM detection over CPRI
  • Fronthaul and RRH verification over CPRI





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