EXFO FLS-5834, CD/PMD Analyzer Source

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EXFO’s FLS-5800 CD/PMD Analyzer Source is a modulated, polarized, high-power SLED. Thanks to its high power density, you can use it as a broadband source for DWDM channel and component testing. High Modulation The FLS-5800’s high modulation makes it a perfect complement to the FTB-5800 Chromatic Dispersion Analyzer, whose technology is based on the phase-shift method. This first-class duo lets you run chromatic dispersion (CD) measurements through amplifiers such as EDFAs, providing the highest accuracy in field CD testing. High Degree of Polarization When measuring PMD and a broadband, polarized source is required, turn to the FLS-5800, which features a high degree of polarization. Test PMD through EDFAs by combining the FLS-5800 with patent-design breakthrough technology FTB-5500B PMD Analyzer.



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004   Mainframe – Side mounted connectors
106   52-2488 Mb/s Test (1310/1550nm)
108   10 Gb/s optics 1550nm
112   Add G.709 OTU2 testing at 10.71Gb/s
610   SC optical connectors (exchangeable)


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