Single-Ended Dispersion Analyzer — FTB-5700

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New Market Reality Requires a New Chromatic and Polarization Mode Dispersion Testing Approach

The high-speed networking market hafs been trying to reconcile two conflicting objectives: deliver the faster data rates—10G, 40G and 100G—demanded by subscribers, and keep OPEX down to maintain profitability. Most network operators are well on their way to achieving the first objective, thanks to new fiber deployments and new technology advances such as coherent detection,DPSK/DQPSK and ROADM-based mesh networks.

However, the additional field work—installation, activation as well as the greater dispersion granularity now required—can push operation expenses in the wrong direction. These new requirements force operators to retain the services of more field crews, potentially reducing the average expertise level of technicians and increasing the rate of repeat jobs.

In a nutshell, network operators must absorb more CAPEX to equip their additional technicians, and even more importantly, they must absorb more truck rolls and OPEX.

The good news is, the aforementioned technology advances are making next-generation high-speed networks increasingly tolerant to dispersion, shifting the focus of the test instrument toward built-in intelligence, simpler setups and automated test sequences that generate results that are immediately accurate. EXFO’s FTB-5700 was designed to deliver exactly that, adding an exclusive, game-changing feature—single-endedness, which in itself dramatically cuts truck rolls. The FTB-5700 is a lightweight unit that:

  • Enables single-ended testing, market-exclusive feature
  • Allows one technician to test both CD and PMD
  • Offers a fully automated, highly intelligent interface—no training required
  • Minimizes manual intervention, for fail-safe results
  • Reduces required connections to just one
  • Leads to faster time to revenue

The Only Single-Ended PMD and CD Analyzer on the Market

The ongoing race to develop high-speed transmission systems and increase available bandwidth is facing certain limitations. Thanks to reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs), carriers and service providers are able to upgrade their systems to higher transmission rates and longer routes, but chromatic dispersion measurements are becoming more and more critical. Polarization mode dispersion, which has always been a real threat to both legacy and next-generation networks, is also becoming a more important matter as high-speed services are being massively deployed. And then, there is the lingering concern about OPEX.

Combining PMD and CD into one test solution that enables technicians to characterize multiple links from a single location, the FTB-5700 is built specifically for today’s high-speed network reality. Its highly intelligent interface and functionalities ensure that test parameters are automatically optimized, whatever the link.

Key features
  • Groundbreaking single-ended testing technology reduces both the testing time and operational expenses (OPEX)
  • Highly robust technology for underground and aerial fiber
  • Network recognition: unit automatically adopts the proper parameter setups
  • Link-length measurement
  • Complies with ITU G.650.3 fiber testing standard and FOTP-243 and FOTP-175B standards

Chromatic Dispersion Testing in Raman Deployments

Raman is now an integral part of most coherent system deployments. To optimize Raman gain and efficiency, the fiber type of the effective area must be known. While it is known in most greenfield deployments, the same cannot be said for brownfield. When in doubt, the fiber type can be determined using the FTB-5700: lambda zero, CD slope and coefficient at 1550 nm. The FTB-5700 is uniquely positioned to take these measurements, and since it is single-ended, you will save on OPEX. Plus, the unit will calculate the fiber length for an accurate slope and coefficient measurement.

Single-Ended Testing: Driving OPEX Down in a Hurry

As bandwidth demand grows, more and more links are being upgraded to speeds at which dispersion testing becomes essential. Very often, only a pair of fibers at each point of presence (PoP) require testing. In such a scenario, the time-consuming aspect has to do with the engineers’ transit time from one PoP to another.

EXFO’s single-ended solution speeds up the process in two ways. First, engineer A does not have to wait for engineer B to arrive at the other end of the link with the light source. And second, fibers can be tested in multiple directions, turning a job that could take hours into one that takes minutes while reducing truck rolls and OPEX.

Typically, single-ended testing allows full network characterization in 66% less time than any other traditional test method. Here is the impact on truck rolls for a typical mesh network:

Test type

Number of technicians

Total number of truck rolls

End-to-end 2 19
Single-ended 1 6
In this case, 68% less truck rolls

In addition to driving down OPEX, fewer truck rolls also mean faster delivery of new services—for faster time to revenue.

Fully Automated, with Built-In Intelligence

Featuring easy-to-read pass/fail results and providing a view of all key parameters and values on one screen, the FTB-5700’s user interface is all about field testing simplicity and efficiency.

Start with CD or PMD, then upgrade

The FTB-5700 unit can be initially equipped with either the CD or PMD test features (FTB-5700-CD or FTB-5700-PMD). As your testing requirements evolve, you can then upgrade to a combined solution (FTB-5700-CD-PMD) through our service centers. This makes the purchase of this 40/100 Gbit/s-ready single-ended dispersion analyzer a truly safe and valuable investment.

Fast-Track Data Post-Processing with FastReporter Software

The optional FastReporter software package provides you with the post-processing tools and functionalities you need to optimize your test cycles, whatever the application. Designed for offline analysis of field-acquired data, FastReporter offers a truly intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), which contributes to boosting productivity.

Flexible reporting

Choose from various report templates, including PMD, CD and fiber characterization. Generate comprehensive cable reports in PDF, Excel or HTML format.

Ensure Connector Suitability with ConnectorMax Software

Delivering fast pass/fail assessment of connector endfaces, EXFO’s ConnectorMax Analysis Software is designed to save both time and money in the field. The industry’s first platform-based, automated inspection application, ConnectorMax eliminates guesswork, instead providing clear-cut connector endface analysis.

ConnectorMax enables field technicians to analyze defects and scratches, and measure their impact on connector performance. Results are then compared to pre-programmed IEC/IPC standards or user-defined criteria, leading to accurate pass/fail verdicts generated directly on-site.

ConnectorMax therefore helps avoid two time- and money-consuming situations: undetected connector defects that force technicians to later return to the site, and unnecessary replacement of connectors whose slight defects are not enough to get a “fail” verdict.

  • Delivers clear-cut pass/fail verdicts, eliminating guesswork in the field and saving time and money
  • Lightning-fast: results in 4 seconds through simple one-touch operation
  • Full test reports for future referencing



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